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Lulu [userpic]
challenge 04
by Lulu (misstress_tink)
at October 8th, 2005 (10:48 am)

Hey guys! This weeks challenge theme is...

Bad Boys!

Yeah yeah i know i'm highly predictable but i just love the bad boys in alias far too much! Get iconing and get entering! Also pimp us out to everyone, we need more members and i hope you guys all participate! Entries due fri pm. Post as a new entry in the comm :)

it was a most peculiar type of night. [userpic]
by it was a most peculiar type of night. (frostthepie)
at October 7th, 2005 (10:05 pm)

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it was a most peculiar type of night. [userpic]
by it was a most peculiar type of night. (frostthepie)
at October 4th, 2005 (04:10 pm)

We only have six entries, but I'm putting the vote up. I'll put the winners up on Friday.

Vote for one icon. Don't vote for yourself.

Vote!Collapse )

A big thank you to those who participated, let's have some more entries next week, eh?

Kelly [userpic]
by Kelly (chenonceau)
at October 3rd, 2005 (05:02 pm)

This icon looked better textless. <.< Darn it.


Cornelia [userpic]
by Cornelia (aftersix)
at October 3rd, 2005 (04:46 pm)


Lulu [userpic]
by Lulu (misstress_tink)
at October 2nd, 2005 (09:32 am)

We have four entries and this challenge has been on for aaaaaaaaages! Come on people, just enter and then I can put a new challenge up! Puhlease?!

eurasia! sia! sia! sia! [userpic]
by eurasia! sia! sia! sia! (codestothestars)
at September 26th, 2005 (08:43 pm)

current mood: bored

i wasn't sure if it was two lines, or two words. so i used two words (because fitting two lines just clutters my icon) ... if this isn't allowed, let me know.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Karen [userpic]
by Karen (eyeconic)
at September 7th, 2005 (03:11 pm)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I hope this is OK.

Lulu [userpic]
by Lulu (misstress_tink)
at September 7th, 2005 (08:34 pm)

Come on guys! ENTER!! Please?! :)
Go to the challenge post here.

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